AME’s Production team captures, edits and packages Video News Releases that achieve major news coverage whilst retaining key messages.

VNR Elements include Interviews, B-Roll, Images & Suggested scripts and can also include Voice Overs.

WE also go further than just producing the content we also develop concepts and plan PR opportunities and stunts

PR & Communications General Manager & Client Managers

  • Lead strategy, reporting and relationships with media as well as with athletes and ambassadors
  • Lead PR, VNR & Communications management and content production, questioning, direction and producing
  • Full-time availability located in Port Melbourne, VIC
  • Monthly meetings and availability to clients as required


AME Director/s Strategy and advice

  • Available for strategy discussions, planning, meetings and post-production

VNR Video Production & Management including

  • Captured at various locations around Melbourne
  • Videographer(s) & Filming
  • Editing
  • Recording
  • Voice Over(s) as required
  • Distribution to AME National Media & News Databases