AME still open amid COVID-19 crisis

This post was written by AME

Firstly, our thoughts are with all of our clients and their friends and family during this hard time as the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, particularly with those that are more vulnerable.

At AME we are allowing staff to take leave and WFH, but we’re still working and filming for our clients (we have strict measures in place for our staff to ensure we’re completely adhering to all guidelines and legislation on working safely during CV).

AME Guidelines for Coronavirus (CV) include – but are not limited to:

  • Washing and sanitizing hands before and after shoots;
  • We wear disposable gloves/masks on all shoots and sanitize these before and after each shoot;
  • Keeping a 1.5m distance between AME staff and all subjects;
  • We sanitise/disinfect all our equipment before and after use;
  • We sanitise/disinfect our lapel microphones before and after use on each person interviewed;
  • We now hand our lapel microphones for subjects to clip on themselves (keeping the 1.5m social distancing space);
  • We refrain from any personal contact when on location;
  • We will work within all travel guidelines and limitations set by the Federal and State Government(s) within Australia;
  • If our staff cough and/or sneeze, they must into the upper arm and clean any equipment or items/equipment that could’ve been coughed or sneezed onto or will be wearing masks to prevent any exposure;
  • We use disinfectant wipes on all our interview stools, chairs, props and all equipment pre and post-shoot.

We’re focussed on continuing to deliver for our clients, as well as protecting the health of our staff, clients and athletes throughout this period. Premium productions and content will continue to be a focus and its consumption may increase during this time, with sporting ambassadors linked with video productions, commercials and/or key messaging for clients, as relevant and as important as ever, with events and live sport becoming more restricted and limited.

We’ve recently filmed for JLG (RestorX) a client of ours on the removal and sanitization of CV in Universities and schools.