Defending Women’s World Champion Tyler Wright prepares for Bells Beach comeback

This post was written by AME

Defending World Surf League (WSL) Women’s Champion Tyler Wright was today at the iconic Bells Beach in Torquay, ahead of the Rip Curl Pro kicking off tomorrow.

After just missing out on the title during the first round at Snapper earlier this month, Wright is confident in the position she’s in, drawing on her experience at Bells, being runner up there several times in previous years.

“I’m really happy with everything leading into Bells, I’ve had great prep, the board is feeling good and the team is going well. 

I think it’s a good place to be this early in the season, and I will just continue to build from the foundation that we’ve laid,” commented Wright.

Bells Beach is one of the all-time classic surf breaks producing a solid right hander, which Wright believes is her key strength for competing at Bells Beach.

The Rip Curl Pro has some of the most competitive conditions on the world tour, which Wright describes as an event like no other in the world.

“Bells is cold, its raw and its unpredictable. Theres no game-plan there, it can be inconsistent so you have to be very specific on where you sit and what you catch.

“The Rip Curl Pro has so much history behind it, you cannot beat it, and the vibe and the atmosphere here is incredible,” said Wright.

The Rip Curl Pro round at Bells Beach Torquay begins tomorrow March 28th, spanning 12 days of competition and concluding on April 12th.