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Carlton Dry Honda rider Josh Cachia has enlisted long time family friend and retired personal trainer Andy Cunningham to manage his well publisised injury issues, in order to fight for the 2013 MX2 Championship.

Cachia has been diagnosed with a badly fractured Scaphoid in his left wrist which originally occured during a Supercross crash in 2011. In addition, nerve issues in his right wrist – described as similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have hampered his preparations.

After retiring from personal training in 2008, Cunningham started his own business in SAS Supplments, recently having involvement with Justin Barcia in the U.S. He also worked closely with former Australian Champion Dan Reardon during his dominant years before heading to the USA.

Cachia has modified his program over the last 6 weeks, which has shown by a string of improved results, including two moto wins out of the last four and finishing equal first on points in each round with championship leader Luke Styke.

Cunningham said he couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with the outspoken Cachia.

“I try to keep in touch with Steve (Cachia) as we have been friends for many years and when he explained how Josh was struggling with injuries I decided to lend my expertise and try get a solid program in place for him. He respects my decisions and we decided to give it a go and try win a championship.”

21-year-old Cachia, whom hails from Kilmore in Victoria, spent his full off season training and competing in the AMA West Coast SupercrossChampionship, despite the niggling Scaphoid; which has hampered its recovered time.

The plan initially Cunningham said, was to try and let his injuries heal first and foremost and work predominantly on various levels of cardio vascular strength, before adding in strength work. Cachia also relies on a combination of up to eight different supplements and creams to improve his recovery and match the intensive workload of his program.

“There’s no doubt I’ve put my body through a lot in the past year or so. In reality going to the USA wasn’t the best move for my body, but it was an opportunity I wasn’t willing to pass up – now we just have to do the best we can. I really appreciate Andy’s help, I think the proof has been in the pudding and we want to keep improving.”  – Josh Cachia said.

Whilst many Australian riders will head overseas to ride and compete during the mid season break, Cachia has opted to stay home and focus on his recovery.

“I don’t think anyone has caught a glimpse of what this kid can really do yet. With all due respect to his current rivals, I think once we see him (Josh) totally free of injury we will see him reach a whole new level of potential.” Andy Cunningham said.

Josh Cachia currently sits in third place in the 2013 Monster Energy MX Nationals MX2 class championship, 57 points behind current leader Luke Styke.