This post was written by AME

National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki MX1 rider, Matt Moss, heads into the annual MX Nationals mid-season break currently sitting in fourth overall, just 31-points shy of the series lead. Moss gives the insight to the season so far, the break, visiting legends and future plans.

In 2013, when you won your first 450cc championship, you said that as long as you’re within points range, that the season didn’t really begin until the halfway mark. Is that sort of the mentality for this season, also?

I wouldn’t really say that I have taken that approach for this season, actually. I want to be right up the front in each race this year. I really had that bad round at Murray Bridge (Round four), which cost me a lot of points. Then at Wanneroo, I probably should’ve capitalized on a couple of people’s mistakes. Even with the way I was riding (in Perth) – I just didn’t have that little spark to want to beat them so bad. That last moto though, I kind of got that itch back to where I need to start winning races.

It’s interesting for you to not have that spark; you’re a dude who hates losing

Yeah I know! I just think that you sometimes get complacent with telling yourself ‘ride smart’ and ‘you don’t have to win all the races to win the championship’, so I think that was taking over a little bit. But yeah, after that moto in Perth, I have that spark of ‘I want to win’, or ‘I have to win’, and yeah hoping that it’ll be a bit different for the races to come.

Where you are at this stage in the season, it must give you some kind of comfort as opposed to where you were this time, last season

(Laughs) yeah, absolutely. I definitely am happy. I’m happy with the team, and I feel like we are growing as we move along. Obviously being with a team that I was with for so long, everything sort of happens quite easy. But all in all, I am very happy with where we’re at, and you know, I haven’t had too many mistakes either up until this point.

Right now, we’re sitting in the backseat (of the championship). But hopefully in these remaining rounds, I can get in there, ruffle some feathers and get away with this championship.

So far the battles have been between yourself, (Dean) Ferris, (Todd) Waters, (Kirk) Gibbs and (Brett) Metcalfe when he was here; were you expecting more challengers at all, or is it all what you expected?

It’s exactly what I expected, really. I knew (Dean) Ferris was going to be fast, but had the potential to take himself out, which he did at Perth. Then there’s (Todd) Waters who’s there and (Kirk) Gibbsy who’s always consistent and always fast. I knew that Kirk would be my toughest competitor, and right now he’s 31-points up on me, and he’s just proving that he’s got everything working the way he wants it at the moment, and it’s up to me to try and change that going into the second half.

Something that you’ve been able to do throughout your career it seems is identify a riders strengths and weaknesses, then plan your attack accordingly…

Yeah that’s definitely something that I have done during my career. I think the hardest person to frazzle at the moment is Kirk. We’ll just see though; I’ll never go out there and try to take someone out or anything like that, all I need to do at this point is get out there and start winning races.

Plans for the break?

I have a week off at the moment, and then I’ll get back on the bike and start hammering down. I’m actually going to change my program up a little bit in terms of training and riding, but yeah looking forward to it. I have a game plan in place, and I’ll just be working my butt off to be prepared come Nowra! Nowra is obviously my home race, home track – I’ve done a lot of laps around there so, really looking forward to that.

Shifting gears to the 2016 AUS-X Open, the announcement of RV, Reed and Webb; what’re your thoughts on those guys?

Seeing (Ryan) Villopoto and then getting to ride with him will be cool. I met him way back in, I think, 2002… We were both on 85’s and I spoke to him a little bit, and then when I went to the States in 2010, he remembered me. He really spoke to me well, a lot of respect, and he’s just a really nice guy. And then obviously Chad, he’s always the big threat when he comes back to Australia; we just all know how fast he rides when he’s here. And then racing (Cooper) Webb also like last year will be sweet, but yeah, excited to have another Monster Energy Kawasaki team athlete in RV to be lining up next to.

Now with a child on the way, how does this sort of change things for you? Do you see some kind of change happening?

I think the baby thing will be great. It’s really going to force me to have a bit more structure in my program, I’ve always been that person that, and Sophie (Matt’s wife) has been awesome to let it be this way, but I’d just travel all over the place. Now I think I have to gather resources to perhaps buy a property. To have my own tracks and all of that so we don’t have to travel and so I’m able to spend time with my wife and child because I don’t want to be that dad who’s always travelling, and always far away.

I think in the long term, it’ll benefit me as a rider as well. Being on my own, riding my own tracks and focusing on myself without anyone getting under my skin, and riding tracks where everyone else is will help a lot I reckon.