That TVC shoot with Daniel Ricciardo

This post was written by AME

What was AME tasked to do?

  • Shoot a Television Commercial for Castrol with F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo

What else was AME able to produce from the day?

  • PR and media exposure for Castrol
  • Social Media content for Castrol and the Renault F1 team
  • An episode of Supercars Life which aired on Fox Sports during a Supercars broadcast
  • Behind the Scenes content
  • In-car footage and vision for Castrol guests who were lucky enough to take a quick hotlap with Dan Ricciardo in his Renault roadcar. 

To date the TVC online has over 1,000,000 views!

How did we achieve all of the above in less than 5 hours?

  • AME had a team, a big team, with 7 cameramen, 2 producers, one director and one camera assist.
  • Lots and lots of pre-event planning, meetings, site visits, briefings, shot lists, storyboarding and more.
  • We hired a chase car and camera to ensure we nailed the tracking shots on track.
  • Drone’s were not permitted at Calder Park so we brought in the big guns, a helicopter and the pilot Supercars use to film the Bathurst 1000 with our senior videographer hanging out the side door nailing the shots from the sky.
  • We produced a Video News Release to ensure all media were able to report on Daniel Ricciardo’s first drive of a Supercar with interviews, b-roll and a package provided.
  • We hosted media to ensure the select few who were invited got the royal treatment and full access to Dan.
  • We made sure all Castrol staff and guests we looked after and felt a part of the production.

Here is the behind the scenes from the day: