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Monster Energy athletes and brothers Jossi and Beau-James Wells both say they are aiming for gold at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February 2018 with the pair preparing themselves at this weekend’s Jossi Wells Invitational at Cardrona.

Atrocious weather at Cardrona this week has seen the competition finals pushed back from Friday to Saturday but that hasn’t dampened the spirit of the two Kiwi brothers.

Jossi has been busy wrangling snow sport athletes from across the globe for the event, however will not be competing due to a knee injury, but says he’s excited to be hosting the event for the second year in a row, and anticipates an epic competition for attendees this weekend.

“I feel very honoured to host JW Invitational round two, to have the support of Monster Energy and Cardrona to back this whole thing and give me this opportunity to step out of my skiing realm and into an organising realm, it’s a cool learning curve, and I’m really enjoying it.

To be given the opportunity to bring down all these Olympic and X Games medalists and gold medalists, down to my backyard to host an event, and to show them how sweet it is here, it’s really special, and I feel honoured,” Jossi said.

Personally his knee injury has set back his preparation, however Jossi says he’s still aiming for a place on the New Zealand team at PyeongChang in February, and that he isn’t going there to come last and will plan to come out all guns blazing.

“I hope to solidify a spot to go to South Korea for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, during the qualifying process this last northern winter I was able to collect enough points to open up a quota spot for New Zealand, so in the couple of weeks before the games that’s when they make their selections, so hopefully they pick me to represent, and hopefully bring back some hardware,” Jossi said.

Both Jossi and his younger brother Beau-James are vying for spots in the 2018 New Zealand Olympic team, both having previously competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Jossi says that being able to compete with his brother is the greatest thing about competing, and although all quite competitive, their number one goal is to support each other.

“It’s actually the most fun thing about the whole competition circuit, not only am I getting to travel all around the world to all these amazing places with my mates, I get to travel around with all my brothers who are my best mates so it’s really special.

We’re all competitive dudes, but we’re not really competitive against each other, it’s more support, and we’re all there to bring out the best in ourselves, and that’s the number one goal, it’s not to beat the other one it’s just to do the best you can,” Jossi said.

The brothers manage to stay cool under the pressure, with Beau-James too recently coming back from injury, managing to score 10th last week at the World Championships in his first competition back for the season.

Beau-James also says he thinks this is not only his, but also New Zealand’s best chance to dominate at the upcoming Olympic Games.

“This will be the best year for New Zealand, we’ve got the best riders and the best talent that I’ve ever seen. I think everyone is really hungry for it, and we’ve got the best shot at this Olympics than we’ve ever had before,” said Beau-James.

Beau-James also says the Monster Energy JW Invitational is an amazing event for New Zealand and it’s athletes, and a great opportunity for the locals to showcase their talent and what the country is made of.

“It’s a huge event for New Zealand and it’s athletes, it’s epic for the town to have all the international riders, and it’s cool for Wanaka skiers to rate themselves against the rest of the world, and see where they’re at,” Beau-James said.

The second annual Monster Energy Jossi Wells Invitational Big Air competition finals kick off Saturday at 11:30am local time at Cardrona Alpine Resort.